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Wallace Wattles

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Wallace Wattles'

Health Through New Thought and Fasting

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Commentary by Elizabeth Towne - The Source of Work - Power - Sleep - To use Sleep - Scientific Living & Healing - Mind Cures - Nature and Development of Will Power - The Living One - New Light on Immortality - Suffering in Sickness - Contents -

Chapter 5 - MIND CURES

IN THE SECOND CHAPTER I asserted that nothing can repair, restore, heal or renew the body or any part of it but vital power --- the energy which is stored in the brain during sleep. Nothing but brain power, conducted to . it over the "motor" nerves, can make a heart beat; and nothing but brain power can "strengthen" a weak heart. Nothing but brain power can cause a liver to secrete bile; and a "torpid" liver is one to which the brain power is imperfectly conducted or applied. Nothing but brain power can cause a movement of the bowels; the only power which can cure constipation is that which is stored in the brain during sleep. This is pretty hard for you to believe, if you have been taking medicines to "strengthen" your heart, "act" on your liver, and "move" your bowels; but it is a demonstrable scientific fact nevertheless. How much medicine will It take to make a dead man's heart beat, his liver act or his bowels move? Can medicine move heart, liver or bowels when the brain is not charged with life? The most that can be said of medicine is

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