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Wallace Wattles

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Wallace Wattles'

Health Through New Thought and Fasting

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Commentary by Elizabeth Towne - The Source of Work - Power - Sleep - To use Sleep - Scientific Living & Healing - Mind Cures - Nature and Development of Will Power - The Living One - New Light on Immortality - Suffering in Sickness - Contents -

Chapter 2 - SLEEP.

He giveth His beloved sleep. --- Psalms 127: 2.

IN THE PRECEDING CHAPTER we considered some of the arguments for the new physiology, which holds that vital energy is renewed in sleep, and is not generated by the digestion of food. Man is not, as we have been taught to suppose, an engine whose power comes from the combustion of fuel, or food. If he were, be would never need rest or sleep; supplied with food he could keep on eating and working indefinitely, as an engine can work indefinitely if it is supplied with coal; Whereas; no matter how much or how often he eats, we know that he must have frequent lapses into the silence and unconsciousness of sleep in order to recharge his brain with that mysterious energy by which he lives and works.

We find by observation that the fact that vital power is received in sleep is universal with all forms of life. Men, animals, reptiles, fish and insects sleep; and plants sleep also. You will notice that I speak of vital power as being received, not generated; if the

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