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Wallace Wattles

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Wallace Wattles'

Health Through New Thought and Fasting

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Commentary by Elizabeth Towne - The Source of Work - Power - Sleep - To use Sleep - Scientific Living & Healing - Mind Cures - Nature and Development of Will Power - The Living One - New Light on Immortality - Suffering in Sickness - Contents -

Chapter 4 - Scientific Living & Healing


NOT MANY THINGS are harder to overcome than the persistent auto-suggestion that life is of material origin, and that vital power comes from food. It takes a great deal of argument to make the average man (especially if he is a woman) understand that his strength is renewed in sleep, and that he grows weaker not stronger by eating. Possibly not many of our readers are firmly grounded in this faith as yet; I shall have to argue it a little further for you, even at the risk of repeating myself.

Let me call your attention, first, to the fact that loss of appetite nearly always accompanies severe sickness. Now, if strength comes from food, why does nature "go back on us" just when we need strength most? Why does she not make the sick man ravenous with hunger, as she does the woodchopper? The latter needs food in large quantities to replace the tissues destroyed by strenuous toil; he has digestive power, and hunger is given to him. Why should not

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