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Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Newton Dillaway's

The Gospel of Emerson

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Foreword - Coming of the Spirit - Religion - The Way - Soul - Mind - The Mind of the Mind - Mid-World - Life of the Spirit - High Levels - Law of Laws - Universal Outlook - Truth - Immortality - Christianity - God - The Individual - The Voice at Eve - Sources - Contents -

Chapter 10 - The Law of Laws - p. 69

1. Is not the law of compensation perfect? It holds as far as we can see. Different gifts to different individuals, but with a mortgage of responsibility on every one. 'Me gods sell all things.'

2. Let me embark in political economy, in repartee, in fiction, in verse, in practical counsels . . . and I am soon run aground; but let my bark head its own way toward the law of laws, toward the compensation or action and reaction of the moral universe, and I sweep serenely over God's depths in an infinite sea.

3. You hold up your pasteboard religion for the people who are unfit for a true. So you

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