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Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Newton Dillaway's

The Gospel of Emerson

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Foreword - Coming of the Spirit - Religion - The Way - Soul - Mind - The Mind of the Mind - Mid-World - Life of the Spirit - High Levels - Law of Laws - Universal Outlook - Truth - Immortality - Christianity - God - The Individual - The Voice at Eve - Sources - Contents -

Foreword - p. 5

This volume may be seen as a digest of Emerson's spiritual gospel. It is not easy to detect this gospel, for it is hidden in a hundred essays, letters, poems, notes; and in many entries of the journals. After years of study and thought, and consultation with other students of Emerson, the gospel herein presented has gradually emerged from some twenty-five volumes of the seer's writings. The main objectives were to bring out the cardinal points of the subject under consideration, and to arrange the quotations in some semblance of order and progression. But even these objectives were subordinated to the aspiration to give something that would really open up the inner life of the sensitive reader.

Virtually all of the text is direct quotation from the essays, journals, poems, letters and manuscript notes of Ralph Waldo Emerson. The small amount of thought in italics is my own, unless otherwise designated. All the rest is quotation from Emerson. Sources will be found on page 124.

The general tenor of Emerson's philosophy seemed to me to indicate the advisability of

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