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Bruce MacLelland's

Into The Light

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Credo - Introduction - God in Man - Eternity is Now - Thinking and Thought Action - Law Governs; not Fiat - Prosperity thro' Development - Repetitions and Modern Thoughts - Qualities to Be Loved - An Appeal - An Address - Contents -

Chapter 8 - An Appeal - p. 113

I WOULD enlist you in this cause, you priests and preachers of America. I know you are, for the greater part, earnest, conscientious and faithful. You speak each Sabbath to millions, and the influence is felt daily. Will you hear me? You profess to love the Lord and believe in Jesus, the Nazarene, or will you lose sight of your professed love, of right, of temperance, of freedom of expression, and with the fury of the Jews who cried, " Crucify him! Crucify him! " vent your spleen upon me? Personally it does not matter, but if you would learn the great truth and lead the people upward the grateful world would bow in reverence at the mention of Christianity.

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