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Bruce MacLelland's

Into The Light

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Credo - Introduction - God in Man - Eternity is Now - Thinking and Thought Action - Law Governs; not Fiat - Prosperity thro' Development - Repetitions and Modern Thoughts - Qualities to Be Loved - An Appeal - An Address - Contents -

Introduction - p. 5

WHEN a faint glow of reason first began to tint the sky of intelligence with its purple sheen, the primitive man felt the spirit feebly stir and, grasping blindly, sought to find his God. The fears engendered by the wild confusion of his age kept him in a constant dread and wild his groupings ran. With plastic clay and unskilled hands, he idols made; then bowed in awe before his own creations. In every crash of Nature's storm he found another God, and to appease him bowed in diffidence and fear. Demons filled his dreams with nightmares drear and terror swept his soul. As the ages older grew he sat beneath the stars and wondered what they were. The spirit, ever ready to uplift mankind, spoke to him so soft and low it stilled his

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