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Charles Fillmore's

The Revealing Word

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it brings new life into both mind and body and moves us to observe spiritual and physical laws that restore health.

twelve--Metaphysically, twelve always refers to spiritual fulfillment. "And Elijah took twelve stones, according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob . . . And with the stones he built an altar in the name of Jehovah" (I Kings 18:31, 32). The twelve stones represent the twelve most important nerve centers in the body. All material things represent spiritual realities.

Before we can realize unfettered power we must establish permanent resolutions of purity and covenants of conformity with the higher law of obedience. Elijah repaired the altar of Jehovah that had been thrown down. Obedience seems a simple matter, but the twelve fundamental faculties enter into its perfect expression. Elijah took twelve stones and fitted them together to form the altar, each stone representing one of the sons of Jacob, who won the name Israel in recognition of his perseverance toward perfection.


Understanding--God is supreme knowing. That in man which comprehends is understanding; it knows and comprehends in wisdom. Its comparisons are not made in the realm of form, but in the realm of ideas. It knows how to accomplish things. Spiritual discernment reveals that knowledge and intelligence are auxiliary to understanding. There are two ways of getting understanding. One is by following the guidance of Spirit that dwells within, and the other is to go blindly ahead and learn by hard experience.

Intellectual understanding of Truth is a tremendous step in advance of sense consciousness, and its possession brings a temptation to use for selfish ends the wisdom and power thereby revealed.


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