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Charles Fillmore's

The Revealing Word

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lack--"Fact or state of being deficient or wanting" (Webster). In the great Mind of Spirit there is no thought of lack. Such a thought has no rightful place in man's mind. Deny all thoughts of lack; affirm God's ever-present abundance in all your affairs.

ladder, Jacob's--Represents the step-by-step realization by means of which man assimilates the divine ideas of Truth that come to him from Jehovah.

lamb--Represents innocent, guileless forms of life on the animal plane of consciousness.

lamb, killed and eaten in the night--Represents the giving up of the animal life propensity in the mortal body. The command is that the lamb shall be without spot or blemish, and be wholly eaten after being roasted with fire. This refers to the complete transmutation and surrender of the human life to Spirit after it has been purified by the fires of regeneration.

Lamb of God--The pure life and substance of Being. By His overcoming Jesus restored to mankind the consciousness of this pure life and substance, which flows into man's consciousness through the spiritual body. Its nature is to vivify with perpetual life all things that it touches. Jesus is called "the Lamb of God" (John 1:29).

language--An arbitrary arrangement of sounds used to express thoughts. Thus the same thought in the minds of two men may be beyond their power to communicate to each other because they are not familiar with the intellect's provincial dialect. If these men were conscious of the mental plane where images are the basis of language, they would have no trouble in communicating though they were born of diverse races. The image of a horse in one mind would be seen by the other mind instantly, and communication be easy. The common language of mankind is based


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