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Charles Fillmore's

The Revealing Word

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pagan--One in any age who believes in the power of material things.

paganism--The religion of pagans, pertaining to idolatrous worship. The worship of money as God is a form of paganism.

pain--An indication that the vital forces of the body are at work to bring about health.

palm trees--Metaphysically, realizations in the physical of unlimited resource of strength.

pantheism--"The doctrine that the universe, taken or conceived of as a whole, is God; the doctrine that there is no God but the combined forces and laws which are manifested in the existing universe" (Webster).

In its last analysis what we call nature, pantheists would name God. Metaphysically, pantheism refers to God as omnipresence, the one living, all-powerful, intelligent Mind, pervading and sustaining all things and directing them in love, wisdom, and order.

Pantheism and the teachings of Unity differ widely: pantheism diminishes the importance of the individual, while Unity teaches that man always retains his individual identity in God-Mind.

parable--A brief symbolical story told to illustrate Truth. "He taught them many things in parables" (Mark 4:2).

paradise--A state of high spiritual consciousness.

parsimony--In mortal consciousness, the idea of closeness in expenditures; undue thrift. Indicates lack of understanding of accessibility of supply through omnipresent substance.

Passover--Outwardly a Jewish feast; symbolically, a mental attitude in which we are bridging over from an old

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