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Charles Fillmore's

The Revealing Word

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garden--The spiritual body in which man dwells when he brings forth thoughts after the pattern of original divine ideas. This "garden" is the substance of God.

Garden of Eden--Represents a region of Being in which are provided all primal ideas for the production of the beautiful; the elemental life and intelligence placed at the disposal of man, through which he is to evolve.

Man's body temple is the outer expression of the Garden of Eden. God gave it to man "to dress it and to keep it." (see Gen. 2:15) Man's primary work in the earthly consciousness is to use his creative power to preserve harmony and order in his world and to conserve his powers for divine direction. (see Eden, Garden of)

garment--The radiation or aura that surrounds the body.

garment, Jesus' seamless--The indivisible garment that Jesus wore next to His body. It was a thought garment woven without a break of His high realizations of Truth. These realizations of Truth not only infolded Him but firmly interlaced the substance of both His spiritual and body consciousness.

gate, narrow--The spiritual mind, which requires absolute conformity to Truth and measures all things by the gauge of Truth. The way is "straitened" because it requires only Truth to be recognized, and it rules out untruth or evil.

gate, wide--The easy, negative way by which men conform to sense consciousness and the pleasures of the world, with the result that their mind-muscle becomes soft and flabby. When trials come men find that they are not able to cope with them.

gates, twelve--The twelve faculties of mind. Before these faculties become avenues through which we enter into

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