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Charles Fillmore's

The Revealing Word

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magnify the Lord--The mind possesses magnifying power, which it exercises habitually, either consciously or unconsciously. This power makes the mind the fertile side of man's nature, out of which spring "the issues of life." We magnify the Lord by anticipation, by expecting, by declaring that only the good is true, by steadfastly declaring that every blessing is ours now.

malefactors, crucified with Jesus--Represent duality--belief in good and evil, past and future--comprising all the thought consciousness of opposites that has been built up since man began to eat, or enter into the conscious knowledge of "good and evil" (Gen. 2:17).

mammon--Treasure; wealth; the material or worldly thought and belief regarding riches, possessions, and wealth, compared with the true inner riches of the mind, which are the understanding and the realization of the spiritual substance, life, and intelligence that lie back of every outer manifestation.

man--An idea in Divine Mind; the epitome of being. The apex of God's creation, created in His image and likeness.

Man appears unlike God because he, through disobedience, fell into sin. Through accepting race thoughts, man has adopted wrong ideas about himself and his relation to his Source. He has believed that he is unlike God and separate from Him, and these concepts have, by the law of thought, become manifest.

Ideal man is the perfect man, the Christ, the offspring of Divine Mind. Manifest man should be as perfect as the ideal, and he will be when the individual identifies himself with the Christ. When he is identified with anything less than perfection he manifests some degree of imperfection.

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