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Charles Fillmore's

The Revealing Word

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dust, shake off the--To deny all seeming materiality. "And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, as ye go forth out of that house or that city, shake off the dust of your feet" (Matt. 10:14).

dying--The state of negation in man's consciousness wherein he is failing to retain possession of his body.

dying to self--Signifies man's willingness to die to the little personal self, so that he may be absorbed into Divine Mind. To lay down the mortal thought of life and to take up the spiritual idea of life opens the door to the realization that the I AM has creative power and can express the life manifestation in divine order


ears--Represent the obedience and receptivity of the mind.

earth--Metaphysically speaking, the earth represents the consciousness of the physical body.

east--The within. As used in Matt. 2:1, the word in the original is plural; thus, from the regions of interior wisdom come thoughts of reverence and rich gifts of substance, understanding, and every spiritual help for the Christ child, whose growth in consciousness has begun.

Easter--The awakening and raising to spiritual consciousness of the I AM in man, which has been dead in trespasses and sins and buried in the tomb of materiality.

eat and drink--To appropriate; to become conscious of the food that "abideth unto eternal life," and to use it.

eat of the tree of life--The eternal life of God is within every man. When we consciously realize the presence of this life in every part of our organism we are eating of the tree of life.

eating--Eating is symbolical of mental appropriation of thoughts of substance. "Thy words were found, and I


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