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Fannie James

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Fannie James's

Dawning Truth

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  1. Preface
  2. What and Where is Heaven?
  3. What is God?
  4. Right Thinking
  5. All That God Made is Good
  6. God is the ONLY Presence and Power
  7. There is Nothing to Fear
  8. Prayer
  9. Healing

Chapter 8 - Healing

Even a child can learn how to practice that which heals. None are too young, either in years, or in understanding, because healing is so simple. We shall try to give some rules that all can follow, if they will become "as a little child."

First: Learn what God is, and what it means to be a child of God. God is Spirit, and Jesus said that whatever is born of Spirit is Spirit. So, after thinking of God as Spirit (not aspirit, but all Spirit), think of yourself as being born of Spirit; for that is what it means to be a child of God. It also means being Spirit, so that you can say, I am Spirit.

We have learned that there is but one Spirit, because there is but one God. "The Lord is that Spirit." Therefore you are a part of God's own Spirit. This is why the Bible says, "The Spirit of God hath made me. He hath given us of his Spirit."


We say it is Substance. What is Substance? Look at the hills, the rocks, the trees, the grass, the flowers. Look at your pet dog, or cat, or horse. Look at your friends, and you shall see that all are made of something. This, that everything and everybody is made of, we call Substance. Think how wonderful that everything is made of Spirit-Substance. Again, we say:

Spirit is Intelligence. This means that Spirit knows everything. And Spirit is everywhere. It fills everything with knowledge. Your pet knows you, loves you. This is because the one Spirit is all and its intelligence is everywhere.

Spirit is Life. There is life in your dog as well as in yourself. There is life in every plant, in every thing, and it is all the same Life, Spirit.

Spirit is Love and is always loving. Every bit of love you see and feel is this Spirit of love.

Spirit is Power, forever strong. It gives everything and everybody strength. Remember you are made by this Spirit and of this Spirit. You must be like it, knowing, loving, and helping everybody. So, you can give this treatment.


All is Spirit, hence I am Spirit, and can say of my (true) self whatever I can say of Spirit.

  • First. Spirit is the very substance of which my body is made. It is perfect.
  • Second. My Spirit knows all things; it is full of trust and confidence.
  • Third. My Spirit is life, happy and free now, as life always is.
  • Fourth. My Spirit is love; I am always loving and this gives me the joy of life.

When shall we say this? Every morning and every evening; not waiting until we feel as though we had a sick body, or until we have unhappy thoughts, or believe we dislike something or somebody.

Of course, if any of these beliefs come into our thoughts, we can chase them away with these true words. For instance: suppose you find yourself thinking, or even speaking, unkindly of somebody, or fretting about something you feel you do not like. Stop it. Begin right away to think the fourth statement. Think it, or, if alone, say it over several times; you will find the unloving thoughts and feelings going away.

Suppose you begin to have a feeling of being sick in body. Stop; think the first and third statements over and over, and your feelings will change.

Suppose you feel afraid of something. Say the second statement until you know it, and soon your trust in God will drive out all fear.

All of this will soon come to you, if you have been saying these true words every day. You will soon learn them, and have them ready for quick use.

You see you are to change your thought just as soon as it begins to believe in sickness, or fear, or dislike, or unhappiness--yes, right at the beginning, for then it will be easy to do so.

Really, the time to change wrong thinking to right thinking is before you begin to feel dis-ease. You must heal yourself before you entertain negative thoughts.

This is what you do when you repeat the true words we have given you in the Spiritual Treatment. Repeat them thoroughly, earnestly, believing in them with all your heart.


"I am always loving, for that is the only kind of Spirit I am. I am always healthy, for that is the only kind of Substance I am. I am always happy and strong and well, for that is the only kind of Life I am."

Do you not see that joyfully declaring these true things every day, you will not be likely to think or feel different at any time?

You can say these same things of others, for they are made of the same Spirit that you are. Thus, you can go about "doing good," by seeing good everywhere, just as Jesus did.

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