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Fannie James

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Fannie James's

Dawning Truth

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  1. Preface
  2. What and Where is Heaven?
  3. What is God?
  4. Right Thinking
  5. All That God Made is Good
  6. God is the ONLY Presence and Power
  7. There is Nothing to Fear
  8. Prayer
  9. Healing

Chapter 6 - There is Nothing to Fear

When one learns to ride a bicycle it is at first difficult to avoid hitting into objects that may be near your path. An experienced rider once offered this suggestion: "Look away from the object you wish to avoid, fix your eye upon the place to which you wish to go, and you will reach it safely."

Where could we find a better illustration of Truth? If we keep looking at sickness, thinking about it, and dreading it; if we are always saying, "this will hurt me," or "that will make me sick," fears come and we are likely to run right into the thing we dread. May we not adopt the advice of the bicyclist? If we look away from appearances of evil, and keep our "eye," or thought, fixed upon the good, we shall lose fear of evil and find the good.

A more beautiful lesson upon this subject is given to us in the story of Peter walking to Jesus upon the water when the storm was tossing the waves and the wind was high. Jesus had told Peter that he could walk upon the water; Peter trustingly stepped out of the boat and started toward Jesus. For awhile he walked safely enough and had no fear. His "eye" was looking straight at Jesus, toward whom he was going. Presently he turned and looked upon the storm and heavy waves; then he began to be afraid and as soon as he was afraid he sank. Is it not plain that if he had kept looking at Jesus he would not have thought of storm or wind and would not have feared? If he had not been afraid he would not have sunk. This shows us what fear will do to us. We can now understand the verse: "The fear of man bringeth a snare, but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe."

To trust in the Lord is to believe in the presence of Good, to know that it is in everything and, hence, that there is nothing anywhere to really hurt us. It is our own fear and ignorance that is the cause of all hurt. To know the Truth frees us from this ignorance and saves us from fear and hurt. Remember, our thought is at first young; it is like a little child that must not run away from its mother or it will get lost. This is why it is said Jesus came to seek and to save that which was "lost."

If we found a little child wandering away from home and parents, how gladly would we show it the way home. All the world was like this little child. In doubt and confusion it knew not where its home was, nor who was its Father. Jesus knew, and he spent his life showing men the way back to peace and happiness.

When we know a thing we act upon it. I may think a certain thing is true today, and act upon it. Tomorrow, I may find out that something entirely different is Truth. What would I do then? Would I go on acting upon what is not true, or would I give that up and believe in that which I see is true? I believe we all would do the latter; that we would give up whatever is found to be false, especially if it had brought us much trouble and suffering, and accept the true which promises us peace and satisfaction.

We have, every one, believed that sin, sickness, and death had to be; that these were part of our nature, and that we must expect them on earth. Now we see this is untrue. We are children of God, made in his image and likeness. This settles it. Children of God, have God's nature; the "image and likeness" of God must be God-like. There need not be any more sorrow on earth than in heaven, for we have seen that heaven is within us; belief in separation from God causes all of our trouble.

At the birth of Christ Jesus, the angels sang "peace on earth," and peace will always be on earth as it is in heaven, when this Christ or Truth is received in our thought. We are children of God and made like God. Seeing this Truth, we wish to discard our old belief about the presence and power of what is called evil, and to think only of the one Presence and the one Power.

To have Good, we claim it, for it is ours already. As a child of God, you are an heir of all Good; you need only know this and accept it to make all Good yours indeed.

Quietly and firmly repeat the following treatment:

The truth that God is my life, my good, my all in all, has made me free from all fear.
There is no presence but of God.
There is no knowledge but of God.
There is no power but of God.

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