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Fannie James

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Fannie James's

Dawning Truth

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  1. Preface
  2. What and Where is Heaven?
  3. What is God?
  4. Right Thinking
  5. All That God Made is Good
  6. God is the ONLY Presence and Power
  7. There is Nothing to Fear
  8. Prayer
  9. Healing

Chapter 5 - God is the ONLY Presence and Power

Jesus so often told simple stories to explain great truths. An example is the parable of the good seed and the tares as told in Matthew, Chapter 13, verses 24 to 30.

First, Jesus tells the multitude what the kingdom of heaven is like. He had already told them that this kingdom is at hand and within man's soul; even so, it is here and now with you.

Jesus then told them that this kingdom of heaven is like a field planted with seed. Who planted it? He says the master of the field did the sowing. "One is your master, even Christ." The Christ, or Truth of you, is the Master of your soul and your body.

What kind of seeds are sown? Good seed, and no other kind has the Truth created with you. Only that which shall bring forth the good, has God given you.

This shows that God made you good and pure, with power to be perfect in every thought. The kingdom "within you" is your good thought. The kingdom "at hand" is your perfect body.

What now are you to do with this seed? A seed will grow if it is given any chance. You are to watch and keep it. To do this you must stay "awake," must you not? You must be industrious and keep this field of thought free from everything but the good seed that God planted. We should always keep everything away from our thoughts but the Good. We should have been thinking constantly of life, peace, and health--then no thought of death or unrest or sickness could have started.

Did you ever plant a flower bed in the spring? Did you not put in the kind of seed that you wished to have grow into flowers? If you wanted sweet peas you planted sweet peas, for you knew that what you planted would grow. What God or Truth plants grows.

Just so careful should we be with our thoughts, and we shall be when we know that the very kind of thought we think will be our belief about everything. If we talk sickness it shows that we are thinking sickness, and "as a man thinketh, so is he," the Bible says.

Jesus goes on to say in the story that after the Master had planted only good seed, men fell asleep. What do you suppose anybody that is asleep can do? Certainly not cultivate the good seed that has been planted. What happens to your flower bed if you plant the seed you wish and then go away and never think about it? If you leave it uncared for, even for a few weeks, you will find it all overgrown with weeds.

So, Jesus says that when the wheat came up there appeared tares also. The wheat is the good life, and the tares are the ills of life. Jesus calls these "an appearance."

The "enemy" to our Good is this "sleep"; we fall asleep because we are careless and ignorant--not always watching for and declaring the Good. While we sleep, we dream. In the story Jesus compares all evil to having a bad dream. Men saw the "enemy" and the "tares" while they slept--while they were not awake to Truth. What we see in our sleep we call a dream, and this was a dream because it invented things contrary to Good. In the dream, it seemed as if there were another planter, or creator, besides the good Master. There appeared to be another power and a will opposite to the Good. These must be inventions, for God is omni-present and omni-potent, no matter what we are thinking.

As the dream went on the "tares" appeared to grow, just as the wheat did. Evil is temporary. Beliefs of evil grow and bear fruit in pain and suffering, until we awake from the dream to know that only the Good is true.

Some one says in the Bible, "Awake, awake, thou that sleepest and Christ shall give thee light." Sleep is like the darkness, in which, you will remember, we do not see things as they truly are.

As we awaken to more understanding, we begin, as Jesus says in this story, to see that evil, called sin, does not belong anywhere, since the Good made everything and fills every place. The Truth shows us it is ignorance only that says there is a power of evil in God's world!

The story ends beautifully; it tells us that at last the tares shall be separated from the wheat and be destroyed; while the wheat shall remain forever. This shows us that the good is real and the evil unreal, for all that is real is eternal. That which can be destroyed is not real.

It is true that the Good, which has been ours from the very beginning, shall be ours forever and all "evil" shall "vanish away." We know this time has come because we now see, as the servants in the story did, that evil has no real place or power, no rights whatever, and we are throwing it into the consuming power and presence of God.

"Our God is a consuming fire." As soon as we see this Presence as all Truth, our belief in anything unlike it is consumed. Divine Love is the "consuming fire." There is a verse that teaches us this very same thing: "Let the wicked perish at the presence of the Lord!" This shows us that we are to give up all belief of wickedness, or of any real presence besides God, when we see God as omni-presence. This is the "lake of fire," the consuming power of God's love that shall eventually consume every thought and belief not of Truth.

This is what Jesus meant when he said of the "goats" in another story, "These shall go away into everylasting punishment." The "goats" are the same as the "tares"--all evil beliefs within any thought shall finally be yielded up for Truth.

Jesus used to word "Gehenna" for everlasting fire. The people to whom he talked understood his meaning: "Gehenna" was a fire just outside of Jerusalem that never went out and into it all the dross of the city was thrown and consumed. It is a perfect illustration of how all the wrong beliefs shall be consumed in the great divine Love that never dies out.

Do you know that it says in the Bible that "death and hell were cast into the lake of fire"? (Revelation 20:14) And again that the "devil...was cast into the lake of fire." This teaches us that at last, when we know God's presence as "all in all," every belief of evil shall perish.

Now think and say the truths that have been shown to you. In the words that follow you make your thoughts the "reapers" that Truth sends out to destroy the "tares" and gather the "wheat."

Since God is Omnipresence, God fills every place.
Since God is Omnipotence, God is the only Power.
Since God is the only Creator, who creates only good, there is no evil.
God is all and in all.

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