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Fannie James

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Fannie James's

Dawning Truth

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  1. Preface
  2. What and Where is Heaven?
  3. What is God?
  4. Right Thinking
  5. All That God Made is Good
  6. God is the ONLY Presence and Power
  7. There is Nothing to Fear
  8. Prayer
  9. Healing

Chapter 3 - Right Thinking

A little girl, who had been taught to think of God as a great Being away off somewhere in the sky, asked her Mamma, "Is God in Boston?" "Yes, dear," was the answer. "Well, Mamma, is he in New York, too?" "Yes." After thinking a moment the child said, "Then he must be a very long God."

This little one thought God was like a man, having a form or shape. Since we have learned to know God as spirit, as love, as life, and as truth, it is easy to understand how Love may be everywhere at the same time, for it is not a person or a shape, but a Presence that fills every place--a very great God indeed!

The Bible says that "in him we live"; hence we know that we live in love, life, and health every moment. It is our own fault if we lack any good. It is because our eyes are shut to it; our thoughts are asleep.

You can see that the only place where evil might be is where God is not--and there is in Truth no such place. We must see that this is true when we know God's omnipresence. Paul says, "Neither give place to the devil (evil)." For unless you and I give evil, negative beliefs, a place in our thoughts, it has none. Such thoughts cannot touch us except when we forget God's presence and power.

Where can we give a place to evil since God, or Good, fills heaven and earth? The only place for evil is within our beliefs. From this we see that our thinking and believing in evil is all there is of it. The Bible says, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." This shows that if we think evil we shall feel it.

In another place in the Bible it is said, "I will visit evil upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts." It is true that all so-called evil is the result of the way we have been thinking; it is good to know this, for it will make us begin to change our thinking and to put away our beliefs of ill.

"God is light." Good is like the light and evil is like the darkness. You know that darkness is the absence of light. Light and darkness cannot be in the same place at the same time--neither can good and evil. When you think of evil you shut the good out of your thought, just as you shut out the sunlight if you close your eyes to it.

Sin, sorrow, sickness, and death are all like darkness; while purity, joy, health, and life are like light. You may think what you wish; but whatsoever fills your thought will seem true to you whether or not it is true. Did Paul have this in mind when he told us, "Whatsoever things are pure--are lovely--are of good report, think on these things"? We may fill our thinking so full of Good that there can be no room for anything else.

If our thoughts are filled with Good there is no place in them for evil thoughts; if full of love, hate cannot enter; sickness cannot even seem to touch your body when your thought is always of health. Let us train our thoughts to think only about health--about Good. If our thoughts are full of health, beliefs of sickness have no chance to get into them.

You have seen that the only place God may not be is in our thinking; this is not really a place but only a belief that God is not in some places. This is a false belief, because God is every place, whether we believe it or not; but all suffering comes from this false belief. This is why we call evil a false belief, or unreality; it is all caused by our believing something that is not true.

God is omni-present--everywhere at all times. Sin, sickness, and death are not in God. These are truths for you to consider carefully; by keeping Good in your thought and refusing to let the opposite, called evil, come to your thoughts, it will destroy all feelings of sickness and fear of wrong.

God's presence in our thoughts--as it is everywhere else--will be such a power of good to us that we shall experience only good. To exercise your thinking in this true understanding, repeat slowly these words:

I now know that God is everywhere and I can say: God fills all with health, peace, and goodness. There is no real evil. Good is the reality.

This is your first treatment. Use it for yourself every day. Use it for your friends.


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