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Fannie James

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Fannie James's

Dawning Truth

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  1. Preface
  2. What and Where is Heaven?
  3. What is God?
  4. Right Thinking
  5. All That God Made is Good
  6. God is the ONLY Presence and Power
  7. There is Nothing to Fear
  8. Prayer
  9. Healing

Chapter 4 - All That God Made is Good

"It seems to me that the more we grow
Like the angels in love and duty,
The less we shall see of evil in all
And the more of good and beauty.
And so the good shall increase, increase,
And evil shall vanish away,
Until the truth in each heart shall glow
Like the light of a perfect day."

God's presence has always been everywhere within us and around us, and yet we have been afraid of so many things. Does this not seem strange? It shows that if we believe in a power of evil it will make us afraid even where there is nothing to fear.

There is a peculiar verse in the Bible about this; it says, "The wicked flee when no man pursueth." Those whose beliefs are filled with the imagination of a presence and a power that is not of God are always running away from evil when there really is none.

All evil is just our own belief in it, and the one that believes in evil will be afraid of evil.

There are several good reasons for not believing in evil. The first, we have seen, is that God, the All-Good, is Omnipresence, or All-Presence. The second is that God, the All-Good, is Omnipotence. This word means all Power, or the one and only Power. Paul says, "There is no power but of God." If we believe this with all our hearts, we shall have to say there is no power of evil--shall we not?

If we accept God's omnipresence and omnipotence, we must admit that there is no presence or power of evil. For evil would be just the opposite of God, and cannot be of God nor come from God nor dwell in God.

This brings us to a third reason for knowing that there is no reality in sin, sickness, or death but what man's thinking has made; this third reason is that God is the only Creator. Since this Creator is perfect its creation must be perfect, too.

We find that the Bible declares God's work perfect. It says, "And God saw everything that he had made and behold it was very good." Since there was never another Creator, from whence could evil and sin come?

We can see that these spring from the ignorance of man, while he does not know God. In this ignorance, man has held many false opinions about God, about himself, and his life; it is these opinions he himself has made that man fears. We have seen that God never made anything for us to fear. If a child goes into a dark room, and has not been taught to think that God is right there and that there is nothing to fear, he may see in a chair something that can hurt him. He will be as badly frightened as if the chair were really what he thought it was.

Suppose some one who knows better takes a light into the room and shows the child just what it is that frightened him; he finds it to be only a chair, but he thought it [was] something dangerous and felt afraid.

It is just this way in the world. When we are "in the dark" about God, we do not see things clearly and believe that there is something to hurt us; while we believe that way, we feel the hurt.

Jesus is an "elder brother" who has shown the light by telling us the truth about God and about the world. He shows us that God is a loving Father who would not hurt his children, but is keeping them from all evil, if only they will believe wholly in Him; that the kingom of good and of happiness is within us and at hand; therefore, we need not be sick or unhappy.

A last and a very strong reason for knowing that evil has no truth in it is that, when we know and declare it untrue, it leaves us. Showing that, when there is no more belief in evil, there are no more evil conditions. This is the way [that] knowing the Truth makes us free, as Jesus told us it would.

In the "dark," we have beliefs of anger, fear, hate, selfishness, pain, disease, and death. In the light or understanding of God, all these beliefs disappear.

We are to let in the light. That is our work. Just as, if your room were dark and cold, with the curtains drawn over the windows, and if the sunlight were bright outside, you would draw the curtains aside to let the light and heat of the sun come in. So we must open our thoughts to let God's light and truth fill them. You may begin to do this by thoughtfully saying:

I see that Light is everywhere and that it casts the darkness out of my thoughts.
God is my light, my life, my strength, and my health forever, because God is the light, life, health, and strength of the whole world forever.

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