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Fannie James

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Fannie James's

Dawning Truth

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  1. Preface
  2. What and Where is Heaven?
  3. What is God?
  4. Right Thinking
  5. All That God Made is Good
  6. God is the ONLY Presence and Power
  7. There is Nothing to Fear
  8. Prayer
  9. Healing

Chapter 7 - Prayer

"Pray without ceasing."

It has never seemed that we could do this. Now we are learning that it is possible; when we understand what prayer really is, we must be constantly praying.

Jesus taught rules of prayer to suit all kinds of people; if you do not know where the thing you need is, ask and seek for it. People, not knowing where heaven is, nor understanding his saying that it is "at hand," have been asking and seeking for it ever since Jesus was on earth. After you have found a thing you desire, you no longer hunt or beg for it. You then use it and enjoy it with thanksgiving. Since we have found where heaven is and that we have it now, we are no longer seeking the Good, but are receiving it and giving thanks. We seek only to know about it.

To such as could understand this, Jesus said, "When you pray, believe you have received." After you believe or know you have received, you no longer beg. God has given us, in his kingdom ever present, all of Good. His part is done; ours remains to be done--which is to take what He has given us. We have not taken before because we were blind to the presence of God. We have even imagined that evil is more powerful than good. Remember always that evil has no power except that which we give it.

Going to God in prayer is something like going to your dinner at home. It has been made ready for you, and you would never think of begging for each meal. You know that the food is intended for you. You never for a moment doubt that it is yours. We have a right to be just as trustful with our divine Father. His spirit of Love says to all of us,"Come, for all things are now ready--all things are yours."

We also read, "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies." This shows us that God has provided everything for our needs and when sin, disease, or any evil seems to threaten us, there is right at hand the means to destroy such thoughts. The same Spirit says, "Before they call, I will answer," and when we understand these facts we shall know that prayer is simply taking what God has given us, and returning to this great, good Giver our love and obedience.

In the omnipresence of Good we have every good and need not ask God for more, but we do need something in ourselves; what is it? We need to have our eyes opened to see! Do you remember the story of Hagar and her boy? When they were outcasts in the wilderness the boy was dying of thirst. The mother went a little way from the boy and prayed to God. How do you think the answer came? "God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water."

The well must have been there all the time, but it did her no good until she saw it; just so has All-Good been with us always, but while we knew it not, we accepted it not. Eternal Life and perfect health have been ours always, but because we did not know it, we have been sick and dying.

The beautiful seeds of love, strength, life, and health were put within us and have remained ever since; because we have not cultivated the thought of these, we have not known and seen the Good that is ours.

We read, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge," and how true it is. Certainly we need to have our eyes opened to understand Truth better, to believe in God more fully.

Jesus said, they that believe "shall speak with new tongues."

We will now give in the "new tongue" some health statements.

  • Man is the "Son of God"--therefore his inheritance is perfect life, goodness, health, and peace.
  • Life is changeless perfection, hence health is an eternal verity.
  • I am ever in health and it, being a phase of God's omnipresence, is ever in me.
  • I cannot get out of health; I cannot be sick.

Some one asked, "Suppose a child is sick; how can she say, 'I cannot get out of health; I cannot be sick'"? Let her say it then six times instead of once. She feels sick because she has forgotten that God is her health. Claiming God as her health will remind her of the Truth and drive away false belief. This is the "Prayer of faith" that heals the sick. Faith knows without seeing.

There is something else that must go with prayer in order to heal--something more difficult than prayer. Jesus said of those who could "remove mountains" by their faith, "This kind goeth forth, but by prayer and fasting." What is fasting?

Well, prayer fills your thought with Good, but your thought must be empty of everything else! You can easily see that this must be so. You cannot fill a thing that is already full.

The thought of the world seems full of the belief of evil and sickness. People talk more of these than of anything else, which proves what we have said. The more we think and speak of ills the more of them we see.

Have you ever thought why we are given the power to think and speak? It is that we may think and speak of Good. How ungrateful we are then to spend so much time thinking and speaking of ills. These are the "idle words" of which we do truly have to give an account.

We have not known that the goodness, truth, and love of the great infinite Mind is active in our thinking and speaking--but such is God's law. We have all the understanding of Good that we think and speak. So we can ill afford to waste our opportunity by speaking words contrary to Good.

When we know this, we shall want to make all the room we can for good thinking. To do so, we must empty our thought of all evil thinking. We shall begin to say to the belief of fear, or hate, or sickness, "No, no, you are unlike God and I must think in His likeness. I cannot afford to give you time or place. I must have my thought full of Good." Try your best never again to think or speak of sickness or evil.

By doing this we shall "resist the devil" and belief of evil will flee from us when we refuse to entertain it. This is fasting--it is keeping out of our thoughts all beliefs of evil; it is putting out all that we have been thinking, and letting God think in us: it is being just as pure in body as we are in soul.

If we wish to get rid of sickness in body, we must get rid of sickness in our thought. If we have made mistakes in our way of thinking about God and ourselves, we must now put out all this wrong thinking by thinking the Truth.

After thus cleansing our thought of belief in ills, fill it with knowledge of the presence of God. This is fasting and praying continually, for in everything we meet and in all that we do we shall be saying constantly, "God, the Good, is right here."

We practice fasting by refusing to believe in an evil power.

We practice prayer by affirming every idea of Good.

Every day we should practice this fasting and prayer; then, when some one asks us for help, we are ready to speak the word of Truth for him without doubting, just as one can play beautifully for friends if one has given time daily and faithfully to practice.

Our daily prayer should be:

I do not believe in evil; there is nothing to fear, for God is all Power and fills every place.

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