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Herbert Hoffman's

Esoteric Osteopathy

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Greeting - p. 3 -
Disease --- What is It? - p. 7 -
Mental Image Theory - p. 17 -
Esoteric Osteopathy - p. 23 -
Points on Practice - p. 29 -

Chapter 4 - Points on Practice - p. 29

The Osteopathic Physician should keep his knowledge of Esoteric principles from his patients, not that we advise the use of deception. Not at all. But the general public is not prepared to receive knowledge so far in advance of their usual methods of thought. Dr. Still well says in his "Philosophy of Life" on this very point:

"But we should use caution in asserting that Nature has made its work complete in animal forms, and has furnished the human body with such wisely prepared principles that the physician can administer remedies to suit the occasion and not go outside the body to find them. Should we find by experiment that the body of man is so wisely arranged by the Deity that the mechanism itself can ferret out disease and purify and keep the temple of life in ease and health, without drugs, we should hesitate to make the fact known. For the opposite opinion has had full sway for centuries and man has by long usage and ignorance adjusted his mind to those customs of the great past; and should he try, without previous training, to reason and bring his mind to the altitude of thought where he can conceive of the greatness and the wisdom of the Infinite, he might become insane or fall back in a stupor and exist only as a living mental blank in the great ocean of life. It would be a calamity to have all of the untrained minds shocked so seriously that they would lose the reasoning power which they now possess. I tell you there is danger, and we must be

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