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Herbert Hoffman's

Esoteric Osteopathy

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Greeting - p. 3 -
Disease --- What is It? - p. 7 -
Mental Image Theory - p. 17 -
Esoteric Osteopathy - p. 23 -
Points on Practice - p. 29 -

Chapter 3 - Esoteric Osteopathy - p. 23

If Osteopathy is to stand foremost in the ranks of the healing art it must comprehend more than the physical.

Osteopathy must see the power or force that is back of and underlying the Physical body.

Osteopathy must recognize Mind as that force.

As soon as Osteopathy recognizes Mind as the force that moulds and shapes the atoms of matter, either into normal or abnormal states, that moment Osteopathy commands as a MASTER the entire realm of the Physical. Without this comprehension Osteopathy is doomed to wallow in the mire of medical ignorance. It will have its rise and fall like other material schools that are not founded on the rock of truth and Reality.

Osteopathy combining its extensive and comprehensive knowledge of physical laws, with the higher laws founded in the ABSOLUTE, will endure without a peer until the end of all Physical life.

If Christian Science, with its glimmering knowledge of the Truth, were to combine that knowledge with such a sweeping knowledge of Physical laws, as does Osteopathy, it would prove itself almost infallible.

Now we will give to you the knowledge which, if practiced, will make you absolute master of dis-tzsz.

When the hand that pens these words realizes how simple the great truths we are going to give you, will

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