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Herbert Hoffman's

Esoteric Osteopathy

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Greeting - p. 3 -
Disease --- What is It? - p. 7 -
Mental Image Theory - p. 17 -
Esoteric Osteopathy - p. 23 -
Points on Practice - p. 29 -

Chapter 1 - Disease --- What is It? - p. 7

Before we attempt to cure, we must understand what we are attempting. If we find an organ or part, functioning abnormally, we call it disease, because it is not functioning as Divine mind originally intended it should.

Our text-books give many causes, outside of the organ or part, as the beginning cause of the disease. Not one teaches us that disease has its beginning in a disturbance of the "MIND" of the organ or parts. Not one even tells us that the organ or part has any such a thing as "Mind." True, histologists tell us that the cell has intelligence, but they stop there. Histologists never once dream of telling us that that intelligence is "mind!' But reason tells us that there can be no intelligence without mind.

All physiologists inform us of the wondrous work of our bodies in health and sickness. Tell us of the constant work of repair, replacement, change, digestion, assimilation, elimination, etc., etc. And, most wonderful of all, the selective action of the cells extracting from the blood the nourishment needed, and rejecting that which is not needed. All this they tell us. And, more marvelous still, they tell us of the healing of wounds, the rush of the cells to the point where they are most needed, and hundreds of other examples well known to students of physiology. But of the most wonderful and marvelous fact of all they tell us nothing. Back of all this work they fail to see "MIND," the mind from which

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