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Herbert Hoffman's

Esoteric Osteopathy

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Greeting - p. 3 -
Disease --- What is It? - p. 7 -
Mental Image Theory - p. 17 -
Esoteric Osteopathy - p. 23 -
Points on Practice - p. 29 -

Chapter 2 - Mental Image Theory - p. 17

It is not the purpose of a work of this description to go into an explanation of the mental imaging faculties of the mind. That is a subject too large to be handled in a treatise of this kind. Elsewhere in this book we have told you where to get a work giving you this explanation.

We told you also that we were not going to attempt to prove any of the statements made herein. We want you to apply the methods that will be described later on, and they will then prove themselves. Truth is not truth to you until it is realized and experienced by yourself.

Now to go back to our subject. Can mind, forming mental images, cause disease? We answer. Yes, and will proceed to show it to you, not by theory, but by citing cases that have come under our personal observation. We will take cases of the class that come to the Osteopathic physician for treatment.

Case i. Mr. Harry E , aged 40, came to us suffering from inflammatory rheumatism; almost all the joints in the body were affected, but particularly the joints of the arms and shoulders. Had suffered almost continuously for a period of five years, much of this time being confined to bed.

In searching for a mental image as the cause of the rheumatism, we asked him to tell us of all the accidents that had happened to him from childhood up to the time

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