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Henry Harrison Brown

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry H. Brown's

Concentration: The Road to Success

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Introductory - What is Success? - The "Why" of the Book - Concentration a Natural Process - Paying Attention - Some Channels of Waste - "I Am Life" - How Shall I Concentrate - The Will - Habits - "In the Silence" - Compensation of Concentration - With Eyes See Not - The Ideal - Prayer - Desire versus Wish - Mental Poise - Methods of Concentration - Directions for Practice - How To Do It - Some Practical Suggestions - Self-Study and the Law of Life - Special Desires versus Principles - My One Rule:-Agreement - Love - Opinions and Methods of Others - A Parting Word -

Chapter XXIII. - Love - 118

A new commandment give I unto you: That ye love one another.
--- Jesus.

Now abideth these three:
Faith, Hope and Love,
but the greatest of these is Love
--- Love is the fulfilling of the Law.
--- Paul.

I swear I begin to see Love with sweeter spasms
than that which responds to love.
It is that which contains itself,
which never invites and never refuses.
--- Walt Whitman.

A man has two needs:
that of knowing and that of loving.
--- S. Barring Gould.

The lover needs no law. He'd love God quite as well
Were there no heaven's rewards; no punishment of hell.
--- Angelus Silesius.

The verdict of this world is short,
Long and vigorous its report:-
To love and to be loved.
--- Emerson.

Now a section the most important of all, for without Love I am "as sounding brass and tinkling symbol."

So much Love so much Power.

Life is universal, but in Man Life is transmuted into human form and is Love. The only Power Thought can direct is Love. Thought is the individual expression of Life; and Love, the race or the Human expression. Love is the Absolute in the Soul. Love is in reality God, for it is the Omnipotent in Human form. Therefore so much Love so much am I a man.

The subconscious Power that I direct by concentration is that form, of Life, that Mode of Motion, we name, Love.

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