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Henry Harrison Brown

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry H. Brown's

Concentration: The Road to Success

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Introductory - What is Success? - The "Why" of the Book - Concentration a Natural Process - Paying Attention - Some Channels of Waste - "I Am Life" - How Shall I Concentrate - The Will - Habits - "In the Silence" - Compensation of Concentration - With Eyes See Not - The Ideal - Prayer - Desire versus Wish - Mental Poise - Methods of Concentration - Directions for Practice - How To Do It - Some Practical Suggestions - Self-Study and the Law of Life - Special Desires versus Principles - My One Rule:-Agreement - Love - Opinions and Methods of Others - A Parting Word -

Chapter IX. -In the Silence - 48

The Soul contains in itself the event that shall befall it.
--- Goethe.

You are in the silence now.
The only way to realize it is to get still,
physically and mentally.
It takes time and practice to do it,
and there are no short cuts except as aspiration, faith and suggestion
help to quiet your mental chattering.
But the spiritual and mental and material rewards of such practice are enormous.
Eye hath not seen nor ear heard the glories that are free in the silence.
--- Elizabeth Towne in "Nautilus."

In the silence of the Spirit,
In the higher realms above,
In the deeper life within me,
In the world of perfect love;
I have found my Father's kingdom
And His righteousness divine;
I have sought and found my heaven.
And all else is ever mine.
--- C. J. Larsen.

I will be silent in my Soul,
Since God has girt me round
With His own Silence in which
There is no space for sound.
Only His voice perchance may drop
Like dew upon the ground.
--- Anna Hempstead Branch.

Thus far I have dealt directly with the Philosophy of Concentration; now I shall give what has been called out by pupils and patients. If some thoughts are repeated, it is because I feel it is necessary to repeat for power, and that conclusions be reached from as many points of view as possible. My notes cover answers to many questions and each reader will find here, I trust, answers to those he is asking.

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