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Henry Harrison Brown

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry H. Brown's

Concentration: The Road to Success

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Introductory - What is Success? - The "Why" of the Book - Concentration a Natural Process - Paying Attention - Some Channels of Waste - "I Am Life" - How Shall I Concentrate - The Will - Habits - "In the Silence" - Compensation of Concentration - With Eyes See Not - The Ideal - Prayer - Desire versus Wish - Mental Poise - Methods of Concentration - Directions for Practice - How To Do It - Some Practical Suggestions - Self-Study and the Law of Life - Special Desires versus Principles - My One Rule:-Agreement - Love - Opinions and Methods of Others - A Parting Word -

Chapter VII. - The Will - 39

The education of the Will is the object of our existence.
--- Emerson.

0 living Will that shalt endure
When all that seems shall suffer shock.
--- Tennyson.

The mind of a human organism can, by effort of will, properly directed,
produce measurable changes in the chemistry of the secretions and excretions;
in the vasor motor blood supply to areas and organs,
and in the temperature selected areas, and so on.
All of this goes to prove that the mind has a direct effect
upon the functioning of the cells that compose an organ,
and that if we can properly train the mind,
we can produce definite effects upon any physiological function.
--- Professor Elmer Gates.

An educated Will then is the first necessity to happiness, health and prosperity. The Will should be as subject to desire in us as are the muscles of the gymnast to his will. This can be done by creating right mental habits through voluntary concentration.

The mechanic educates his hand to hold the saw; the engineer his to hold the throttle; the pianist, his fingers to play; till it is now "second nature" for them to obey. In like manner can the Will be cultivated in other directions. Its function is to obey; to carry out the orders of the judgment. When it has been trained to stick to a thought, it is easy, and we say, "A person of trained will!" But if the thought wanders then we say,"Weak will!" But the Will is equally strong in both cases. It takes as strong a Will not to do as it

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