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Henry Harrison Brown

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry H. Brown's

Concentration: The Road to Success

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Introductory - What is Success? - The "Why" of the Book - Concentration a Natural Process - Paying Attention - Some Channels of Waste - "I Am Life" - How Shall I Concentrate - The Will - Habits - "In the Silence" - Compensation of Concentration - With Eyes See Not - The Ideal - Prayer - Desire versus Wish - Mental Poise - Methods of Concentration - Directions for Practice - How To Do It - Some Practical Suggestions - Self-Study and the Law of Life - Special Desires versus Principles - My One Rule:-Agreement - Love - Opinions and Methods of Others - A Parting Word -

Chapter XXI. - Special Desires versus Principles - 109

God alone can make the work complete, Give to Cause its perfect ending.
--- The Kalevalla.

An honest heart, 0 Helga, of pure endeavor
With Odin's runes is written, misleading never!
--- Fridthjors Saga.

The power of man increases by continuing steady in one direction.
--- Emerson.

One question that frequently comes to me in various forms concerns the act of concentrating upon special desires for some certain condition or thing.

These questions will illustrate, and are each from either recent letter or interviews:

  • 1."I wish supply; shall I concentrate upon a specified sum?"
  • 2."I wish a companion; shall I center my thought upon any particular person?"
  • 3."I wish to win a prize in a lottery. How shall I concentrate?"
  • 4."I am a school girl; I wish to stand well in my class. How shall I think that I may win?"
  • 5."I wish our foot-ball team to win. How shall I use Mental Science?"
  • 6."I wish a certain present. Is it right for me to concentrate upon it?"
  • 7."I wish relief from rheumatism. How shall I affirm?"
  • 8."I am unhappy with my wife. Shall I demand that she become harmonious?"
  • 9."My son smokes cigarettes. How shall I suggest that I may break him of the habit?"

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