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Henry Harrison Brown

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry H. Brown's

Concentration: The Road to Success

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Introductory - What is Success? - The "Why" of the Book - Concentration a Natural Process - Paying Attention - Some Channels of Waste - "I Am Life" - How Shall I Concentrate - The Will - Habits - "In the Silence" - Compensation of Concentration - With Eyes See Not - The Ideal - Prayer - Desire versus Wish - Mental Poise - Methods of Concentration - Directions for Practice - How To Do It - Some Practical Suggestions - Self-Study and the Law of Life - Special Desires versus Principles - My One Rule:-Agreement - Love - Opinions and Methods of Others - A Parting Word -

Chapter X. - Compensation of Concentration - 54

Though no human eye behold thee
Odin sees and hears each word.
--- Fridthjorf's Saga.

Hush! the sevenfold heavens to the voice of the Spirit
Echo: --- He that o'er cometh all things shall inherit.
--- Owen Merideth.

You laugh at monotones, at men of one idea,
but if we look at nearly all heroes we may find the same poverty;
and perhaps it is not poverty but power.
The secret of power,
intellectual or physical, is concentration,
and all concentration involves of necessity a certain narrowness.
If you ask what compensation is made for the inevitable narrowness,
why, this, that in learning one thing well you learn all things.
--- Emerson.

"How shall I concentrate?" I can't concentrate. Will you help me? Please tell me how to concentrate!" "I have been a student of the New Thought for years but have not mastered concentration. Will you give me directions?" These and many more questions are among the letters on my desk. Yes. I will help you all by as simple illustrations as possible. But I have already said that you all do concentrate, though upon wrong thoughts.

Every art is the common property of mankind. No faculty can be created. No new power is ever manufactured. If what you desire really exists, then you possess it in common with all persons.

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