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Henry Harrison Brown's

The Call of the 20th Century

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I desire this Emancipation for you all -
The Call of the Twentieth Century -
Welding of science, and religion -
The wireless message of health -
The New Emancipation -
the three American powers -
this New Era -
Truth has no limit -
Contents -

mortal, and as an immortal is now drinking wine and breaking bread in "the kingdom prepared for him from the foundation of the world." This realization of a present Divinity and Immortality, is that for which the New Thought stands.

Either this, or we are pretenders, battling not for liberty, but for some partial, limited expression of Life. We are either taking the Kingdom of Heaven as ours by right, or are an army of invaders like the Russians in China, and some Japanese of Truth will drive us back and say, "Go! and sin no more!" There will be no indemnity. We are either entering by invitation, or we have no warrant from the King of kings. When He proclaims, we are Free, and no condition can hamper us more. MAN is born. Individuals may succumb to disease and death, but the Race is born into Conscious Immortality. "Though the individual withers yet the world is more and more?"


Section 7 Truth has no limit

My dear co-workers, I firmly believe that this principle which we profess, is the Savior that was to come. That it is the Principle which is to redeem the world from all present ills. It is as real a Principle as is the recognition of one and one are two, the real basis of that calculation that weighs stars and measures the path of comets.

We have the perception of Truth; Truth has no limit; knows neither time nor space. I cum, truth! It may take millions of years for the majority of the race to perceive this, but what of it? Millions of years ago some primeval ancestor saw possibilities for himself that none other saw. He expressed. His expression has become the instinct of the race. So this perception of immortality, however crudely expressed now as belief of an immortality in the flesh, but which is truly immortality outgrown the flesh, will some time be the instinct of the race. The

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