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Henry Harrison Brown's

The Call of the 20th Century

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I desire this Emancipation for you all -
The Call of the Twentieth Century -
Welding of science, and religion -
The wireless message of health -
The New Emancipation -
the three American powers -
this New Era -
Truth has no limit -
Contents -

centaur's body and in its victory over the material conditions is presaging that time and condition when there will be, in words of Tennyson:

"A warless world, a single race, a single tongue; --- Every tiger madness muzzled, every serpent passion killed; --- Every grim ravine a garden, every blazing desert tilled; --- Robed in universal harvest, up to either pole she smiles, --- Universal ocean softly washing all her warless isles."

Through all the millions of years Man has been thus incubating, nursed within the shell of matter by the animal which he was soon to leave behind him. "Tiger madness" and "serpent passion" have been the forces that pushed him on, and till "the ape is crushed out" and "the tiger has died" there will be need in Man for these passions, because they are the Universal Power which he is to individualize and direct when he enters his dominion, "the kingdom of God."

Man is still in the swaddling clothes of materiality, still in embryo, but out of the homogenous the individual is evolving, from God the Son is being born. Minerva, from the brain of Jove, is the type of the Coming Man. Not from the Heart of God, not from the Love of God, but from the Brain of God, from the Thought of God, Man is to come. "In the beginning was the Word" but Professor Drummond tells us that it should not be "Word," but "Thought" --- "In the beginning was Thought, and Thought was with God, and Thought was God, and without Thought nothing was made that is made, and Thought was made flesh and dwelt among us." It still dwells here, but as fast as it changes its dwelling and finds outward expression, Man, coming out of the Brain of God, is leaving the embryotic, the animal, behind: the elements are hereafter to be his willing servants.

Section 6 this New Era

Until this New Era, this New Emancipation. Man

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