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Henry Harrison Brown's

The Call of the 20th Century

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I desire this Emancipation for you all -
The Call of the Twentieth Century -
Welding of science, and religion -
The wireless message of health -
The New Emancipation -
the three American powers -
this New Era -
Truth has no limit -
Contents -

Thought and Thought is the Omnipotence, the Life, the Love of God, transformed into Human expression. As thought I am an Individual expression of God and all God is behind my thought, that I, man, express.

I LET Thought express itself, and Lo! cities spring and point their spires of faith to heaven. I am thought, and I impose upon external nature my Thought, and call it natural law, and I work under that law.

Because thought controls, I send fine vibrations through the space about me, wireless messages. by a messenger I call electricity because I do not know who he is, and I vainly think he is the same I call Lightning, when he is only a relative of his. as the C on the piano is a relative of G.

And science grows arrogant and makes the most colossal assumption it was ever in man to make— one that marks the downfall of all the cob houses of speculation. That colossal assumption is: "All is Electricity." Electricity is the last idol of civilized man." All is not electricity. But Electricity is, like Thought, a manifestation of the One. Can Electricity and Thought be correlated—transfused into each other ? I will not try to answer. Both are One in the Universal Energy, and since Energy is one, I believe that Man will convert his thought into other forms at will, just as be is now able to transform other modes of motion. We can change a higher into a lower pitch or reduce the potential of any power/ so man may transmute his thought into any form of vibration he may wish. I see no reason, since I am All, why I may not from myself radiate electricity from the dynamo of my Soul, just as is done now from the Universal dynamo of God.


Section 3 - The wireless message of health

Telepathy grounds us in the consciousness that we

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