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Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry Harrison Brown's

The Call of the 20th Century

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I desire this Emancipation for you all -
The Call of the Twentieth Century -
Welding of science, and religion -
The wireless message of health -
The New Emancipation -
the three American powers -
this New Era -
Truth has no limit -
Contents -

Preface I desire this Emancipation for you all

These addresses were well received. They were carefully prepared. They contain thoughts to which I desire to give a wider circulation. I believe them an important incentive to the unfolding human Consciousness and Conscience.

I have the faith that all the members of the Federation who so kindly elected me its President and New Thought people generally, will be glad to see them in this form.

As an evidence of the Love I bear to, and the appreciation I have for, the Federation and the Principle for which it stands, and because of the importance which I think it has in the development of the race, I dedicate to it this little volume.

Future years will show the great good that this body of men and women, who meet in Love and Truth to inspire, encourage and assist each other, are doing. The New Thought is the one movement for which all past movements have been. It is doing much by the mere Suggestion of its existence, but still greater is the good it is unconsciously doing by the most potent power of the Thought it radiated and the Love which inspires its Thought.

Trusting the All-Good to make these addresses important factors in swelling the "Call" and in hastening the "Emancipation," I add them lovingly to the great trend of public sentiment that is now so increasing that its argosies of Thought fill every sea of literature, bearing treasures richer than the silks of the Orient or the pearls of India.

In Truth and Love I desire this Emancipation for you all.



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