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Henry Harrison Brown's

The Call of the 20th Century

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I desire this Emancipation for you all -
The Call of the Twentieth Century -
Welding of science, and religion -
The wireless message of health -
The New Emancipation -
the three American powers -
this New Era -
Truth has no limit -
Contents -

Section 2 - welding of science, and religion

the Unity of the Universe. The nineteenth century saw the Unity of Energy. Light, heat and electricity, are one. Spencer says he cannot think of the Ultimate as Life. He cannot think of Life as something imported into the unit of protoplasm, and yet he cannot think of it as coexistent with the atom. His real foundation is The Universe plus something. His dynamic element of life is the one essential of Unity and he leaves that out. The Call of the twentieth century is a Unity that is Unity. Life is to be demonstrated as a form of Universal Energy. Life must be demonstrated to be one in origin, essence, and all its essentials, with electricity, heat, gravity, chemical affinity, and whatever other form of energy Man recognizes. In Him is all as Life He is all.

The remnant of the special creation theory is found in the separation of Life, Love, and Thought, from other forms of energy. Not till these are all one, as God is one, will man find secure foundation for eternal life.

Great as are the discovery of the Law of Conservation of Energy, and the principle of Evolution, a still greater discovery was made at the close of the last century, and was its greatest gift. A discovery that marks the beginning of a new era, not the era of electricity, but the era of Thought. That Greatest discovery is expressed in three words --- Thought is Energy; Thought is Power.

Telepathy is a common fact. No longer is there organic, and inorganic no longer matter and spirit no longer is there space and time for Thought is God manifest in Flesh, and to Him all these are naught. Thought was made flesh and dwelt in man. I have no less authority than Prof. Drummond for translating Word in John's Gospel as: "In the beginning was Thought and thought was with God"

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