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Charles Fillmore's

Twelve Powers of Man

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Introduction - The Twelve Powers of Man - The Development of Faith - Strength--Stability--Steadfastness - Wisdom--Judgment - Regenerating Love - Power--Dominion--Mastery - The Work of the Imagination in Regeneration - Understanding - The Will Is the Man - Spiritual Law and Order - Zeal--Enthusiasm - Renunciation - Generative Life - Contents - Index

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OUR CAPTION is quoted from an ancient metaphysical teaching, the origin of which is lost in antiquity. The idea is that the development of the will is possible only through the development of the mind as a whole, and as man is mind, "the will is the man." This conclusion is reached because the will moves to action all the other faculties of the mind and seems to be the whole process.

However, a careful analysis of the various factors entering into an action reveals other equally important attributes of man, and we cannot wholly admit that "the will is the man." The will is undoubtedly the focal point around which all action centers, when there is harmony of mind; but the rule has been accepted by schools of philosophy from most ancient times down to the present that the will and the understanding are very closely related--the understanding comprehending all our speculative, the will all our active, powers. This close relationship is symbolically taught in the Bible, and it appeals to man's reason and is confirmed by his observation.

Jacob, representing the I AM (I will be what I will to be), had twelve sons, one of whom was Joseph, "the dreamer." Joseph represents the imagination,

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