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Stones Rolled Away

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Introduction - Stones Rolled Away - An Address to the Man Who Is Down - An Appeal to the Outsider; or the Claims of Christianity - One Way to Help Boys - Life On the Top Floor - The Kingdom and your Part in IT - The Three Elements of a Complete Life - Contents

Stones Rolled Away

     Gentlemen, I am very much astonished at this spectacle. I told you last night it was against our principles in Scotland to have religious meetings on a week night. It seems to me that if you come to a meeting of this kind you mean business, and you may just as well own it. If a man comes to a shorthand class, it means that he wants to learn shorthand; and, if a man turns up at what I suppose I must call a religious meeting, it means that he is less or more interested in the subject.

     Now I should say that I think a man has to give himself the benefit of that desire, and he

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