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Stones Rolled Away

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Introduction - Stones Rolled Away - An Address to the Man Who Is Down - An Appeal to the Outsider; or the Claims of Christianity - One Way to Help Boys - Life On the Top Floor - The Kingdom and your Part in IT - The Three Elements of a Complete Life - Contents

Life On The Top Floor

     You have had a great time on the mountains, but remember the mountain is not a place to live on. The Mount of Transfiguration is an episode, coming to a man from time to time; but it is not in the ordinary course of nature that a man should always live on the top of the mountain. The mountain is of use to send streams into the valley of our ordinary life, to fertilize and nourish what is there. Perhaps it is not possible that we shall all be living at the same pitch at which you have lived during the days of this week. Before the sacramental wine was dry on the lips of Peter he was untrue to his Saviour. A breakdown to

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