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Charles Fillmore's

Twelve Powers of Man

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Introduction - The Twelve Powers of Man - The Development of Faith - Strength--Stability--Steadfastness - Wisdom--Judgment - Regenerating Love - Power--Dominion--Mastery - The Work of the Imagination in Regeneration - Understanding - The Will Is the Man - Spiritual Law and Order - Zeal--Enthusiasm - Renunciation - Generative Life - Contents - Index

expressed through the mind and the body of man.

Some have claimed that the Bible is a work on physiology. So it is, but it is far more; it treats of spirit, soul, and body as a unit. That is the reason why those who have studied the Bible from a merely physiological standpoint have not understood it. They have looked for descriptions of flesh and bones. In truth those things have no active existence without accompanying life and intelligence; and the Bible sets forth this fact in many symbols.

Jesus, the Great Teacher, who knew what was in man, began His evolution with Spirit. He is the "only begotten Son of God"; He is the type that you should strive to follow, not only in spiritual culture and in soul culture, but in physical culture. If you would bring forth the very best that is in you, study the methods of Jesus. Study them in all their details, get at the spirit of everything that is written about this wonderful man, and you will find the key to the true development of your soul and your body. If you will carry out His system, there will be revealed to you a new man, a man of whom you never dreamed, existing in the hidden realms of your own subconsciousness.

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