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Horatio Dresser was a major early New Thought author

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Horatio W. Dresser's

Education and the Philosophical Ideal

"Evolution is better than Revolution. New Thought Library's New Thought Archives encompass a full range of New Thought from Abrahamic to Vedic. New Thought literature reflects the ongoing evolution of human thought. New Thought's unique inclusion of science, art and philosophy presents a dramatic contrast with the magical thinking of decadent religions that promulgate supersticions standing in the way of progress to shared peace and prosperity." ~ Avalon de Rossett

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Preface - Introduction - The New Point of View - Educational Ideals - Equanimity - The Subconscious Mind - The Spiritual Ideal in Childhood - An Experiment in Education - The Expression of the Spirit - An Ideal Summer Conference - The Ministry of the Spirit - The Mystery of Pain and Evil - The Philosophical Ideal - The Criteria of Truth - Organic Perfection - Immortality - Index - p. 247

Chapter 8 - An Ideal Summer Conference

To act now, not according to our poor human statutes and conventions, but according to the higher perfect law that we know only within our own breast; to For here as the citizen of as ideal kingdom—that, it seems to me, were the proudest distinction a man could crave.— W. M. SALTER.

AN attractive physical environment—green fields, hills, running streams, or a lake, and a grove of pines.

A spiritual centre created by a company of congenial souls, drawn together on a purely impersonal basis, in search of truth, the Spirit.

No merely formal programme, no mere isms, no fads, no personality worship, no exclusiveness, no favouritism; and no prejudicial influence supported by those whose money secures a hearing for favoured beliefs.

A cordial invitation to all who are attracted to come, either to speak or to listen, provided they are prompted by the spirit of impartial love and unbiassed research.

No restrictions placed upon any teacher whose work is positive, constructive, universal.

Impromptu meetings and informal discussions,

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