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Jane Grey Syme's

Stepping Stones to Peace

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Intro Poem - Only Be Glad - Sunshine Cake - Little Things - Omnipotence - Angel Food Cake - Thy Grace is Sufficient - Oh! Just Love! - A Prayer - Contents - Index


WHEN envy, resentment, malice, and doubt,
Jealousy, fear, distrust are about,
When others do wrong and we try to do right,
When they seem in the shadow and we in the light,
Ohl Just love!

When we're in the sunshine and they're in the gloom,
When we sing from joy and they scoff at our tune;
When their hearts are heavy, and our hearts yearn
To lighten their burden, and this, too, they spurn,
Oh! Just love!

To return good for evil is always the best;
To be misunderstood can but put to the test
The good that is in us; so give if thou must
To thy foe in all kindness, thy very last crust,
And just love!

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