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[By the term Science Dr. Quimby meant that wisdom which, superior to all opinions or wisdom of the world, and all knowledge founded on externals, mere facts or speculation, is Divine in origin; is beyond all doubt, and capable of verification by all. It is Divine, not in the sense of a "revelation" given on authority, but because it is "Wisdom reduced to self-evident propositions," "reduced to practice for the benefit of man," therefore the basis of sciences such as chemistry or mathematics in which unchangeable principles are implied. Science is aggressive, it is the Truth which shall set men free, the Christ which Jesus came to declare. It is discoverable in the Bible, if we have spiritual eyes to see the meaning beneath the symbols. It is within the reach of all who, led by intuition and, aware of man's true nature, distinguish between shadows and realities, the mind which is always changing and the spirit which never changes. Man then may learn to identify his true self with Science as the "scientific man," the man with spiritual senses and an immortal identity. Dr. Quimby did not undertake to found a new religion on this "great truth" or Science, but believed that spiritual science is altogether superior to religion as ordinarily understood. His writings as a whole show what he means by the term. The first selection is from an article written in July, 1860, in which he defines his meaning, in part:]


THE word science is frequently used, but so loosely defined that its true meaning cannot be understood. Ask a man what science is, he answers, "It is knowledge, a collection of general principles." This leaves the question just where we find it. So every one sets up his standard of a collection of general principles.

Let us see if the word can be explained so that every one

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