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I am often accused of making myself equal with Christ. When I ask what Christ is I am told that Jesus Christ is one and the same. If I ask if Jesus the man was God, the answer is, "no, but God manifest in the flesh." Then can flesh and blood be God? "No." Then what was that being of flesh and blood crucified eighteen hundred years ago? "Jesus Christ." Is Christ God? "Yes." Is God flesh and blood? "No" Will you give some idea of what that being was called Jesus Christ? "Why, that God took upon Himself flesh and blood." Then what took upon itself flesh and blood? "God." Is God a substance? "No." Then can that which is not matter take matter upon itself? "You ask too many questions." Well, if you cannot answer my questions, must I believe what you say without any proof? "No, but we have the Bible and that says Christ is God." Well suppose it does and you are asked to explain Christ, and I receive this answer, "God manifest in the flesh." When I ask to have this explained I get no correct answer. Some think words are all that is necessary, so they quibble about the name "Christ," said to mean "anointed." Well, anointed is the name of something and this is what I want explained. To call it Christ or Messiah, the Prince of Peace or God, is only hopping from one name to another. I want to know what made Jesus different from other men. His birth I care nothing about, nor is it of consequence why He was called Jesus Christ. If different from other men how was the world benefited by that difference ?

Jesus was a man of flesh and blood like any one else. The difference between Him and other men was called Christ. Now what did the difference consist in? "In His life." What had His life to do with the healing of the sick? Has your life anything to do with healing a palsied limb? "No."

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