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It becomes us then to search into the causes of the phenomenon called disease and find if it is not an image of our own make. The Jewish people were making all sorts of false beliefs that tormented them. So God through Moses says, "Thou shalt make no graven images" to represent any false idea which they had been taught, nor worship any superstition, for truth was jealous of error. If always condemns our error and rewards our scientific acts. Disease was conceived in priest craft and brought forth in the iniquity of the medical faculty. The priest prophesied falsely and the doctors flourished by their lies, and the people love to have it so. Then the question arises, what can you do to prevent it? I say, repent all, and be baptized in the Science that will wash away your sins and diseases with your belief. Come out from the world of opinion, and when a doctor says you have so and so, make him prove it.


The great obstacle in establishing a new science in the understanding of the people arises from their ignorance. Science always has had to contend with this difficulty, and no one has yet been able to direct the mind of man towards the true mode of reasoning so that superstition should dissolve before the advancing light of science; for man has always been ignorant of himself, and his errors he has fastened upon others. There are two modes of reasoning, both true to the one that believes them, and neither anything to the person that knows the truth. To the scientific mind a superstition about anything that science has explained is nothing. But to the unscientific mind it may be a truth. Now the science to be established is based on truth which can be applied to a false mode of reasoning and not only destroy it but bring about a more perfect and better state of society, and sweep away the lies that like the locusts of Egypt are devouring our lives and happiness. This cannot be done by any philosophy known to the world, for the present mode of reasoning is based on the errors the coming science is to destroy. If Satan cast out satan, then his kingdom is divided against itself. But if Wisdom casts out error, true Science will stand. I base my reasoning on a stone which the builders of error have rejected.

Every idea having a form visible to the world of matter, is admitted by that world of matter. The reasoning which stands on this basis is one world, and scientific knowledge is

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