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ceased to be done by a Science, but went back into the hands of priests and magicians, and have been a miracle ever since, and the Christ that prompted Jesus' acts is not known at all. That Christ never did any doctoring, nor offered up prayers, nor creeds. It never belonged to this world, nor talked about any kind of religion. It talked itself. Itself was its life, and its life was the healing of the sick and distressed. It takes the feelings of the sick and knows their wants, and restores to them what the world has robbed them of. This is the Christ that was crucified eighteen hundred years ago. Now the only thing we hear is what was said about Him. Yet He is in the world but has no identity as a Science.--Jan. 1860.


Where does Dr. Q's. mode of practice differ from that of others? In every particular. Disease is admitted by everyone (though there may be a few exceptions) as a something independent of the mind. Dr. Q. denies all this and asks for the proof of it.

Disease is a departure from life. Now, how can a man lose his life, and know it after it has taken place and at the same time, not know it? For if health is life, and a departure from it death, how can this change take place, independently of the mind? For if the mind is not that which undergoes the change how can it suffer death? . . . We are called upon to prepare for this change from life to death, or from health to disease.

People understand this theory pretty well, for they prove it in a very few years to the satisfaction of both parties. This was the state of the mind when Christ came to destroy this theory of disease and death by showing the Truth, which was and is life. And no person was in any danger of hell, except those who were sick, for the well need no physician. Therefore to keep well was to keep clear of hell, and to get into it was to get sick, for sickness led to death, and death led to hell.

Therefore as long as man is well, according to this theory, he is safe. Now as Christ was the sick man's advocate, He warned the people against believing either of the two advocates of health or disease. He said to the people, "Beware of the doctrine of the Scribes and Pharisees, for they undertake to tell of what they know nothing about, and they

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