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Fannie Brooks James

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Fannie B. James's

Divine Science, New Light Upon Old Truths

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Important to All Readers - Introductory Thoughts - God - Condensed Statements - Christ, the Divine Man - Condensed Statements - Holy Ghost: Divine Consciousness - One, God, All - The Work of Thought - Silence Self, and Listen - The True I AM / The False I AM - Our Judgement Day - Practical Suggestions - Fasting - Deny Thyself - Prayer - I and My Father Are ONE - Growth: The Power of the Word - A Study of the Trinity - The Mountain of the Lord - The Mount of Consciousness - The Law of Heredity - What I Am NOT - Conclusion - What I AM - Some Final Words - Realization for Health

Consciousness, or the Consciousness of Purity filling all. "To the pure, all things are pure." This is the summit of the Mount, the Christ-consciousness towards which each soul on the Mount has been pressing, from the "beginning."

One says, "To get above the clouds you must ascend the mountain; so with the soul; it must rise to where it is lighted by Supreme Truth, before the mists of error and ignorance vanish."

"Behold the day of the Lord cometh, and it shall not be clear in some places, and dark in other places of the world, but it shall be one day which shall be known to the Lord." -- Zech, 14:1, 6, 7. (Margin).

"There shall be one fold, one shepherd."


In the second commandment it is written. "Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments."

Upon these words, the universal belief in heredity is based. Even Christians claim its threat, of the visiting of iniquity upon the children of the Fathers that hate me! They claim for their children the inheritance of an evil habit, or a weak body from some ancestor, even though for generations back they have been God-loving people. They entirely forget that the assertion is, that the sins of iniquity shall be visited upon those that "hate me," but mercy is shown to "Those that love me." Certainly, Christians should insist upon freedom from heredity by this very second commandment.

To love God is to be conscious of God. Hate is the


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