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Fannie Brooks James

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Fannie B. James's

Divine Science, New Light Upon Old Truths

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Important to All Readers - Introductory Thoughts - God - Condensed Statements - Christ, the Divine Man - Condensed Statements - Holy Ghost: Divine Consciousness - One, God, All - The Work of Thought - Silence Self, and Listen - The True I AM / The False I AM - Our Judgement Day - Practical Suggestions - Fasting - Deny Thyself - Prayer - I and My Father Are ONE - Growth: The Power of the Word - A Study of the Trinity - The Mountain of the Lord - The Mount of Consciousness - The Law of Heredity - What I Am NOT - Conclusion - What I AM - Some Final Words - Realization for Health


EVERYTHING begins in mind, is expressed in thought, and manifest, or spoken forth in word.

Mind is the Actor, or Thinker. Thought is the action, and word is the fruit or result. Every action must have an actor before it, and a result following it.

Every thought must have a thinker preceding it, and a spoken word following it.

Mind is the spirit of Man; his Divine Being and Life, his Intelligence and Substance.

Thought is the soul of Man. Image of Eternal Mind, Life, Being, Intelligence, and Substance.

Word is the body of Man, that which results from thought, which shows forth thought, likeness of Eternal Mind, Life, and Substance.

Thought is the invisible form of Mind, Life, etc.

Body is the visible form of Mind, Life, etc. "By one spirit are we all baptized into one body."

When all have One Mind, One Intelligence, and that the Mind of Christ or Truth, we shall see but one kind of body, perfect and pure.

When we see no Cause but Infinite Mind, we shall see no result but a perfect body.

Mind works through thought into word. Spirit works through soul into body.

Mind is the Only Power, and Cause of everything. All things begin to form in Mind.

Thought is the action that forms things. The work

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