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by Henry Thomas Hamblin

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Chapter 4 - Ye shall know the Truth

The life that lies before the student of Truth is one of great glory -- of infinite expansion and unfoldment. It does not, however, always appear thus to him. In order to test his mettle, it often appears drab and hopeless. Everything seems to go wrong, and voices whisper "Go back, why trouble any longer, the pursuit is hopeless." If the student does go back he proves that he is not worthy, and for him there can never be the steep ascent to God. But the one who will keep on in spite of all discouragements and opposition, and who proves his worth, passes on to a life of indescribable joy, of victory and achievement, of abundant health and peace of mind.

I affirm for you the life of true freedom.
"Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free."

WE now have to deal with that part of your Mind which is the center of all action and the seat of all memory. Not only the memory of this life, but the race memory of all mankind.
This division of the mind we will call the sub-conscious mind, we will do so in order to distinguish it from the mind of creation, intuition, and inspiration, which we have already considered, and also from the objective or conscious mind which will be described later.
This sub-division is not orthodox according to the ordinary teachings of psychology. The usual practice is to term the whole of the submerged mind sub-conscious. That this is not correct must, if we think for a moment, be apparent. The sub-conscious mind acts only according to instruction and instinct. Thoughts and commands flow from the seat of the Will through the conscious mind down into the sub-conscious mind and are immediately acted upon. The sub-conscious mind is a blind intelligence. It cannot reason -- it can remember, it can act -- but it cannot think, plan or reason.

Yet we have a mind within us that can inspire, create, and bring forth the most wonderful thoughts. A mind which can solve our most complicated problems, that can guide us through the most difficult situations if we will but trust it. This cannot be the sub-conscious mind because we have already seen that this is a blind intelligence acting only upon instruction, suggestion and animal instinct. Therefore, there must be a mind or minds other than the sub-conscious, and this I have termed, for the want of a better word, the subliminal.

The sub-conscious mind is a kind of a sleepy giant, or a slumbering volcano. It only requires arousing to cause it to manifest extraordinary power.

It is a vast and wonderful intelligence, so wonderful that our consciousness cannot form any conception of its wonders. All that we know is that this wonderful center of life and action is as far above our understanding as our own consciousness is beyond the comprehension of a beetle.

Yet this sub-conscious mind of ours is subject to our will and guidance. Within us is this wondrous power -- the almost infinite intelligence; yet its use and control are in our own hands.

Unto us is given the ability to govern a power whose extent we cannot gauge, to direct an intelligence so great that it is impossible for us to grasp its full significance.

The sub-conscious mind is the center of all action. It is by this mind that everything that we do is accomplished.

It is the personification of tireless energy. It works constantly, it never sleeps; for while WE sleep the sub-conscious mind is busily engaged in repairing and rebuilding the body.
Whatever thought we allow to pass into the sub-conscious mind is translated into action. This is why a thought has been described as "an action in the process of being born."

The great lesson for you, dear reader, to learn is this, that if the sub-conscious mind translates each thought into action, then thought control is the one great transcendental fact of life. If you possess the power to control your thoughts, you have at once the power to control your actions. If you can control your actions what a life of possibility opens before you!

One of the principal causes of failure in life is due to inability to control the thoughts. Wrong thoughts each the sub-conscious mind, these are translated into wrong actions and these bring failure and disaster in their train.

When the thoughts are uncontrolled, then the sub-conscious mind will act upon any thought or suggestion that may "float" in.

Now thoughts and suggestions are born not only within the consciousness, they are also received from without. Like a wireless apparatus which receives messages through vibrations in the ether, so does the human mind receive impressions from without.

Thoughts are things, are entities, have form and substance and are eternal. Thoughts impinge upon your consciousness and unless you are able to reject them they will enter the sub-conscious mind and bring forth action in your life and conduct.

If therefore the thought be evil, then evil will result, if of weakness then failure will follow, you cannot prevent the action once you have entertained the thought.

In the same way if you entertain a noble thought, a noble action will result. If thoughts of success and power are dwelt upon, then success and power to accomplish will be manifested in your life, and circumstances. It is thought that rules your life, therefore if you govern your thoughts you control your life.

Suggestion meets you at every turn. Kind friends with the best of motives "suggest" ill-health to you when they remark on your pallor. Their well meant remarks of "How ill you look" send a suggestion of sickness to your sub-conscious mind, which later manifests itself in real sickness in the body.

Articles in your daily paper on diet, Influenza and other topics again suggest illness to you; even the advertisements suggest that you have Kidney disease or worse, and that to save your life it is necessary for you to take certain tablets or pills. The newspapers themselves do their best to suggest evil to you. The columns are full of the seamy sordid side of life. If any man commits a crime, it is reported in the papers. If however he resists temptation and instead does a good deed, no notice is taken. Therefore newspapers give an entirely false presentation of life. The press closes its eyes to the good and presents the evil and thus suggests evil to you, which if you do not watch it, will produce evil in your life.

For every bad deed reported in the papers, a thousand good actions go unrecorded. The world is full of noble deeds and gracious thoughts, and they can be seen and realized by those who look for them.

Therefore be very careful what newspapers you read and how you read them.

Avoid reading of the evil, seamy side of life; instead, look for the good, and you will find it. When reading your paper devote your attention to the large things, those which will go down in history. Avoid that which is mean and petty -- thus will you avoid unwholesome and dangerous suggestion.

Newspapers, periodicals and some books would have you believe that life is an unlovely thing. Even some hymn writers have dared to describe the world as a vale of tears and life as a long drawn out woe. Do not believe these wicked suggestions. Life is a gracious and lovely thing. It is full of beauty and love and peace and happiness. Life is what we make it, we can make it sublime or we can make it savor of Hell. It is in our own hands. Therefore do not read either papers, books or magazines that do not present life in a joyous and optimistic way. Avoid low class scrappy reading. Read instead good books by great minds. Imbibe noble thoughts. Read good poetry if you can. Seek the beautiful, the noble, the true, in your reading and in your fellow men, and you will find them and be richly blest thereby.
"How then," you ask, "can I escape all this harmful suggestion'? I am conscious of evil in my life. I do not know what to expect next. How then can I cast out evil and avoid all these harmful suggestions that impinge upon my consciousness from a thousand different sources?"
The answer is,


First of all I want you to understand that your life consists only of that which is in your mind. Your world also is really nothing more than a reflection of your own mind and what is in your own mind. It is because of this that two people in precisely the same circumstances will each find life and the world very different. One will see In life great joy and much cause for thankfulness, and the other may experience only unhappiness and disappointment. The difference is not in circumstances but in the mind. The mind is the real thing, the world is transient and fleeting, and has, philosophically speaking, no REAL existence, but MIND endures.

The natural or "mortal mind" view of life and the world is almost always the exact opposite of what is the real spiritual truth and fact. Metaphysics tell us that the visible world is an inverted reflection of the real. If then it is inverted, it is natural, until our spiritual or inner eyes are opened to the truth, for us to see things as the exact opposite of what they really are. Therefore it is not surprising to find that, whereas the mortal or animal mind of the senses, thinks the world is the real thing and the mind only a shadow, the real TRUTH is, that mind and spirit are real and eternal, and the visible world but a transient and impermanent thing which has no actual reality.

Such being the case then the only thing that really matters is what is in the mind or what is not in the mind. If we have a belief in evil, and thoughts of evil, in our mind, then we have evil in our life. If, however, we can cast the thought of, and belief in, evil out of our mind then it will cease to appear in our life.

By raising ourselves above the sensuous life and realizing our permanent world of Mind and there denying evil, poverty, failure, pain, sickness, unhappiness, or whatever our trouble may be, we kill the thought which is the cause of all our troubles. Then whatever we affirm will take their place. If we deny "evil," then we follow by affirming "good," if we deny sickness, then we affirm prosperity and affluence. By denials we can take out all the evil, care, fear and worry out of our lives and build up in their place by means of affirmations, perfect good, success, affluence, happiness, health, love, peace and courage.

Everything being in the mind, then everything that is taken out of the mind is taken out of the life, and everything that is put into the mind, comes into the life.

Thus it is possible with mathematical accuracy and certainty to recreate the life, to cast out all the undesirable and to build up in its place only the beautiful, the good, the true.
Life is what we like to make it. We can make it like heaven itself, full to the brim with all that is good and beautiful, or we can turn it into a perfect hell. Therefore do not accept the suggestions of those, who having failed in life, proceed to call it hard names. We can make life a continual joy, if we create a heaven within us by the quality of our thinking and mental processes. All that we see in life, all that we experience, yea, even life itself, is but the outward expression of the life within. The life within is built up by our thinking.

You will have seen by this time the purpose and value of affirmations.

Affirmations are concentrated thoughts. Back of each affirmation is a strong emotion and this gives it tremendous driving force.

Not only do affirmations impress the sub-conscious mind thus producing action in accordance with the Will, but they project outwards from the mind into space, attract forces and help from other sources and bring them to minister and to bless.

Not only so but they also arouse the subliminal mind to inspire, to create, to impart wisdom.
By the use of affirmations all the finer forces are aroused to action and the life is transformed from weakness or ineffectiveness to strength or purposefulness.

By the use of affirmations, the Will is strengthened until it becomes so strong all else has to bend to it.

By the use of affirmations, the body is strengthened and made healthy, and exercise and body culture become a pleasure instead of a duty.

By the use of affirmations difficult tasks and unpleasant duties become easy of accomplishment.

By the use of affirmations it is possible to break bad habits of a life-long standing, and replace them with good ones.

By the use of affirmations we can build up character, mould our circumstances, shape our destiny, captain our soul, we can be what we will, do whatever we desire attain to all our ideals.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you should be most diligent in practicing the affirmations -- always. Never let a single night or morning pass without spending several minutes in quiet concentration on the affirmation given you in this course.

Reading this course through will do you but little good, it is DOING what it teaches that is going to make you strong and successful.

Mental and Physical lethargy must be overcome. It is by sustained action that you can accomplish, you cannot dream yourself to success, you have to win it.

Therefore you must concentrate, concentrate, concentrate, upon the affirmations and visualizing exercises. The latter are form of affirmation and are of equal importance.




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