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Charles Fillmore's

Jesus Christ Heals

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ALL SANE persons acknowledge the necessity of observing the laws of health in their daily living, but the great majority have a human standard. Now that the whole race is awakening to the knowledge of a higher source of existence more people every day are giving attention to the law of Spirit in their life.

"Order is heaven's first law." If we desire to demonstrate health when we receive more spiritual life, we must order this life rightly, for if it is not so ordered, mental and physical discord will ensue. This applies to all that we think and do. Everything must be brought into order. If we affirm prosperity, that too must be brought into orderly relations to the rest of our thinking. We may be declaring life and prosperity and at the same time be holding some disorganizing thought. This will produce inharmony and discord in body and affairs. Lack of orderly arrangement of thoughts is responsible for many delayed demonstrations of healing.

We find in the Scriptures constant reference, in symbols and also in direct language, to order as a fundamental law of the universe and of man. There must be order in the spiritual life as well as the material life. All peoples have observed this, and especially the people of God. Paul said, "Let all

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