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A. B. Fay's

Divine Science Bible Text Book

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Genesis - History of Israelites - Exodus - Leviticus - Numbers - Deuteronomy - Joshua - Judges - Ruth - Psalms - Proverbs - Song of Solomon - Prophets - New Testament History - Healing Works of Jesus - The 4 Evangelists - Lord's Prayer - Parables - Lord's [Last] Supper - Jesus after his Resurrection - Paul's Letters - Epistles - Revelation - Glossary - Numbers - Contents - Index

in his portion he joined (to one) a citizen of that country, turned still to one who believed in the outer as cause, went into the external and tried new sense beliefs and greater degradation results from experience. Then he remembered his father's house. Man in extremity turns to God. "When he came to himself," the real self, the Christ, he saw the truth of himself and turned at once to his Source, he realized that those who serve in realization have abundance.

Luke 15: 17

Luke 15: 18

Luke 15: 20

"I will arise." We must arise above little things, get a larger vision of our divine Selfhood. The prodigal then made a determination and carried it out!

It was enough for the father that he had turned, he met him with open arms.

An indolent "stayer at home" has no more claim upon the inheritance than had the wanderer. And the wanderer returned has proved conscious right. "The first shall be last, and the last first."

The prodigal son was in the presence of God all the time and when he turned away from his own and others' beliefs and opinions, he saw the fulness of all good waiting to receive him. His father had compassion, not human sympathy, pity, but recognition of his son-ship.

d. Inportunate widow. Pharisee and Publican.. - p. 326

Importunate widow Pharisee and Publican - Lessons on prayer. We do not pray to please God but to realize the Truth of the Omnipresence of


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