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PROPHETS - p. 236

Prophet, "statesman in the kingdom of God."

Isa. 6

Jer. 1.

The prophets were not persons who stood as mere objective Divine instruments to the people whom they addressed; they were of the people; the life of the people flowing through the general mass reached its flood-tide only in them. And it was with hearts so filled and minds so quickened and broad that they entered into communion with God. Fountain of prophecy was communion with God. Holiness, nearness to God.

Prophets were taken from any class:

  Aristocracy of capital, Isaiah.
  Population of the country townships, Micah.
  Those that followed after flocks, Amos.
  Priestly family, Jeremiah.


2 Kings 22

Women, too, might be prophetesses, Miriam, Deborah and Iluldah.

The call came to the three great prophets through a vision --- Isaiah 6, Jeremiah 1, Ezekiel 1. Terms used in those days give no clear meaning for today.

Books of "Words," Amos 1:1, Hosea 4:1, Isaiah 2:1, Micah 1:1. Words or Message, or idea or purpose. These words were spoken rather

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