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Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Secret of the Ages

by Robert Collier

"Evolution is better than Revolution. New Thought Library's New Thought Archives encompass a full range of New Thought from Abrahamic to Vedic. New Thought literature reflects the ongoing evolution of human thought. New Thought's unique inclusion of science, art and philosophy presents a dramatic contrast with the magical thinking of decadent religions that promulgate supersticions standing in the way of progress to shared peace and prosperity." ~ Avalon de Rossett

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These passages are quoted from the King James version of the Bible. Authorized, Revised, and from various modern translations.

According to your faith --- Matthew 9:29, vol. ii, page 139, 154; vol. iii, page 243; vol. iv, page 271; vol. vii, page 624

Acquaint now thyself with Him --- Job 22:21, vol. v, page 382

All things are yours --- I Corinthians 3:22, 23, vol. v, page 395

All that thou commandest us --- Joshua 1:16, 17, vol. v, page 380

All things were made by Him --- John 1:3, vol. iii, page 223

And God said, Let us make man --- Genesis 1:26, 27, vol. ii, page 96; vol. iii, page 194, 241; vol. iv, page 364; vol. v, page 462; vol. vi, page 468; vol. vii, page 532

And Moses was an hundred and --- Deuteronomy 34:7, vol. vi, page 505

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily --- Colossians 3:23, vol. v, page 392

And the second is like unto it --- Matthew 22:39, vol. iv, page 311

And we declare unto you glad --- The Acts 13:32, 33, vol. vii, page 632


And when thou prayest, be not --- Matthew 6:5, vol. ii, page 147

Are not two sparrows sold --- Matthew 10:29, 30, 31, vol. i, page 69

Ask and it shall be given --- Matthew 7:7, vol. iii, page 173, 237

Ask and ye shall receive --- John 16:24, vol. iii, page 206; vol. vi, page 476

As a man thinketh in his heart --- Proverbs 23:7, vol. iii, page 212; vol. iv, page 301; vol. v, page 457; vol. vi, page 463

As the rain cometh down and --- Isaiah 55:10, vol. vi, page 488

Beauty for ashes, the oil of joy --- Isaiah 61:3, vol. ii, page 145

Because thou hast made the Lord --- Psalms 91:9, 10, 11, vol. v, page 381

Before Abraham was, I am --- John 8:58, vol. iv, page 294

Behold I stand at the door --- Revelation 3:20, vol. ii, page 123

Behold, the kingdom of God --- Luke 17:21, vol. i, page 64; vol. ii, page 97, 101; vol. iii, page 231; vol. v, page 430; vol. vi, page 477

Believe that ye receive it --- Mark 11:24, vol. v, page 384; vol. vi, page 487

Beloved now are we the sons --- I John 3:2, vol. i, page 57

Be not afraid --- Matthew 14:27, vol. iii, page 243

Be still, and know that I am God --- Psalms 46:10, vol. iv, page 350

Be ye therefore perfect --- Matthew 5:48, vol. vii, page 594


Blessed are they which do hunger --- Matthew 5:6, vol. ii, page 130

Blessed is the man whose delight --- Psalms 1:2, 3, vol. iii, page 235

But thou are the same --- Psalms 102:27, vol. vi, page 530

But thou, when thou prayest --- Matthew 6:6, vol. ii, page 148

But where shall wisdom be found? --- Job 28:12, vol. v, page 382

Cast thy bread upon the waters --- Ecclesiastes 11:1, vol. iv, page 306

Come ye to the open fountain --- Revelation 7:17

Commit thy works unto the Lord --- Proverbs 16:3, vol. v, page 407

Consider the lilies --- Luke 12:27, vol. iii, page 229

Delight thyself also in the Lord --- Psalms 37:4, vol. v, page 388

Do men gather figs of thistles? --- Matthew 7:16, vol. iv, page 278

Every good gift and every perfect --- James 1:17, vol. ii, page 145

Except ye turn and become as --- Matthew 18:3, vol. iv, page 294

Faith without works --- James 2:17, vol. iv, page 282; vol. vii, 584

Fear not little flock --- Luke 12:32, vol. iv, page 354

For God made not death --- Apocrypha, Book of Wisdom 1:13, 18, vol. vi, page 527

For herein is the Father glorified --- John 15:8, vol. iii, page 230

He shall give His angels charge --- Psalms 91:11, vol. vii, page 629


He that believeth on me --- John 14:12, vol. ii, page 96; vol. iv, page 337

Hewers of wood --- Joshua 9:27, vol. v, page 428

Ho, every one that thirsteth --- Isaiah 55:1, vol. i, page 70

I came that ye might have life --- John 10:10, vol. iii, page 233

I can of mine own self --- John 5:30, John 14:10, vol. ii, page 114, 139; vol. iv, page 282, 337; vol. v, page 391

If ye have faith as a grain --- Matthew 17:20, vol. ii, page 87

If ye abide in me and my words --- John 15:7, vol. ii, page 96

If a man keep my saying, he shall --- John 8:51, vol. vi, page 528

I have given you power --- Luke 10:19, vol. iv, page 291

In all thy ways acknowledge --- Proverbs 3:6, vol. v, page 407

In returning and rest --- Isaiah 30:15, vol. v, page 377

Jacob wrestles with the angel --- Genesis 34:24-26, vol. v, page 379

Know ye not that ye are the temple --- I Corinthians 3:16, vol. iii, page 204

Know ye not that to whom ye yield --- Romans 6:16, vol. vii, page 595

Lazarus raised from the dead --- John 11:1-44, vol. v, page 389; vol. vii, page 632

Let this mind be in you --- Philippians 2:5, vol. ii, page 125; vol. iv, page 269, 290

Lo I am with you always --- Matthew 28:20, vol. iv, page 291

Lord that I may receive --- Luke 18:41, vol. vii, page 573


Now he that planteth and he --- I Corinthians, 3:8-9, vol. v, page 395

Ninety-first Psalm --- vol. iii, page 156

O taste and see that the Lord --- Psalms 34:8, vol. iii, page 166

Prophetic sons of God --- Hosea 1:10, vol. iii, page 205

See that thou make all things --- Hebrews 8:5, vol. vii, page 634

Seek ye first the kingdom --- Matthew 7:33, vol. iii, page 230

Son thou art ever with me --- Luke 15:31, vol. iii, page 250; vol. iv, page 354

Suffer the little children --- Mark 10:4, vol. vii, page 624

The earth is full of the --- Psalms 33:5, vol. iii, page 166

The earth is the Lord's --- Psalms 24:1, vol. iv, page 356

The Father that dwelleth in me --- John 14:10, vol. iii, page 242; vol. vii, page 631, 633

The kingdom of heaven is like --- Matthew 13:44, vol. vii, page 630

The loaves and fishes --- Luke 9:12-17, vol. iv, page 356

The manna from heaven --- Exodus 16:15, vol. v, page 376

The mount of Vision --- Exodus 24:13, 18, vol. vii, page 634

The pillar of fire --- Exodus 13:21, vol. v, page 376

The sea rolled back --- Exodus 14:21-22, vol. v, page 375

The substance of things --- Hebrews 11:1, vol. iv, page 264; vol. vii, page 632

The thing that I greatly --- Job 3:25, vol. iv, page 340

The tribute money --- Matthew 17:27, vol. iv, page 357

The water from the rock --- Exodus 17:6, vol. v, page 376

The water turned into wine --- John 2:1, vol. v, page 389


The waters which came down --- Joshua 3:16-17, vol. v, page 380

Therefore I say unto you --- Matthew 6:31-33, vol. iii, page 230; vol. vii, page 615

There hath not failed one --- I Kings 8:56, vol. vii, page 632

There is that scattereth --- Proverbs 11:24, vol. iv, page 308

They that wait upon the Lord, shall win --- Isaiah 40:31, vol. vii, page 614

They shall obtain joy and --- Isaiah 35:10, vol. iii, page 206

This is life eternal --- John 17:3, vol. vii, page 611

This one thing I do --- Philippians 3:13, vol. v, page 438

Thou art of purer eyes than to behold --- Habakkuk 1:13, vol. vii, page 590

Thou shall love the Lord --- Matthew 22:37, 38, vol. iv, page 311

Thou wilt show me the path --- Psalms 16:11, vol. iii, page 166

Thy faith hath made thee whole --- Luke 8:48, vol. vii, page 575

To him that hath --- Matthew 25:29, vol. ii, page 107, 108

To know aright is life --- John 17:3, vol. v, page 389

Trust in the Lord and --- Psalms 37:3, vol. iv, page 365

Twenty-third psalm --- vol. ii, page 156

Verily, verily I say unto you --- John 8:51, vol. vii, page 611

We shall see Him as he is --- I John 3:2, vol. i, page 57

What eye never saw --- I Corinthians 2:9, vol. iii, page 206


What things soever ye --- Mark 11:24, vol. ii, page 110, 111, 139, 148; vol. v, page 462; vol. vi, page 469; vol. vii, page 574, 623

What wouldst thou that I --- Mark 10:51, vol. vii, page 573

Where there is no vision --- Proverbs 29:18, vol. iii, page 191

Who hath measured the waters --- Isaiah 40:12, vol. v, page 390

Who healeth all thy diseases --- Psalms 103:3, vol. vii, page 593

Whosoever shall be great --- Matthew 20:26, 27, vol. iv, page 312

Whosoever liveth and believeth --- John 11:26, vol. vi, page 528

Whosoever shall compel thee --- Matthew 5:41, vol. iv, page 313

Whosoever will let him take --- Revelation 22:17, vol. i, page 70

With all thy getting --- Proverbs 4.7, vol. i, page 70; vol. iii, page 175

Work out your own salvation --- Philippians 2:12, vol. iv, page 330

Wouldst thou be made whole --- John 5:16, vol. vii, page 573

Ye shall ask what ye will --- John 15:7, vol. ii, page 125

Ye shall know the truth --- John 8:32, vol. iv, page 287, 294; vol. vii, page 575

Your Father knoweth that ye --- Luke 12:30, vol. iii, page 229





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